A Preparedness Site Just for Pagans

Welcome to Pagan Preparedness. We share information on prepping, off-grid, sustainable living, and primitive skills with pagans in mind.

  • Are you a prepper who is also a pagan?
  • Are you a Wiccan, Asatruar, Druid, polytheist, animist, spirit-worker, or have an earth-centered spiritual path who also wants to be ready for life’s emergencies?
  • Do you see sustainability, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and off-grid living as compatible with your spiritual worldview?
  • Do you connect with your ancestors and the Old Ways through learning crafts, like spinning, candle-making and working with herbs?
  • Would you like to explore primitive skills or rewilding as a way to live in a more connected way to the natural world?
  • Are you concerned about the economy and escalating violence, and want to learn more about security and self-defense?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this site was created just for you. PaganPreparedness.com is your space to learn, share, and network with like-minded people.

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Why a Pagan Prepping Site Is Necessary

Prepping has been gaining in popularity over the years. The stereotypes of preppers are being smashed as prepping goes mainstream. This has brought a lot of new people into the prepping community over the years, including pagans.

If you have been prepping for even a minute, you will notice that there are a whole lot of Christian-centered preparedness sites. Currently, Christians make up the bulk of the prepping community. For many, their religion is inseparable from their prepping. Religion is the primary reason why some of them prep, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Most of them are pretty cool people. They do, however, tend to see things from a Christian worldview.

Unfortunately, there are a few who think that survival is only intended for Christians. We are unwelcome in their vision of a post-disaster world. These individuals can make being involved in prepper groups uncomfortable at best, and unsafe at worst.

This site helps to fill the need for a pagan and pagan-friendly preparedness resource in cyberspace.

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