The Basics of Herbal Medicine

I’m setting a The Basics of Herbal Medicine class. I was going to do in at our home in Summerville, but we had a lot more interest in it than I planned on.
This class is now an online class. With the coronavirus going around, and a lot more people are wanting to take it My wife suggested we do it on line. This means I can do it a lot less expensive, which is good for everyone. And we don’t have to put a lot of people together in a confined space. (Our house is SMALL! 🙂 ) Once you register I’ll send out a login code and website. So instead of sitting in a classroom for 7 to 8 hours, we can split this up into hour long live sessions over a couple of weekends.
This on me The Medic Shack page. It’s easier to do things like this there for now. To make up a bit for having to use a different page than Pagan Preparedness, I’m offering a 10% off coupon for it. In check out, in the coupon box, type in Pagan Prepare10 and it will automatically take discount out.
To many people are trying to get rich quick on this virus. We have had this class planned for about a month and half. My wife suggested we cut the cost by about half and do it online. We need to care for each other. Check in on your friends and family. Make sure they are doing well and help out each other.

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