What is more dangerous- virus or politician?

What is more dangerous. A virus? Or a politician with an agenda?

I was going to write an article on the new coronavirus. But, reading Facebook today changed my mind. The is something more dangerous than a virus. More sinister than something you can not see. Something that in a blink of an eye take you from a healthy human, to a dead human.

Wait what? More dangerous than DEAD?


A politician with an agenda.

The nanny state that will protect you from yourself by taking your firearms has fully arrived in South Carolina. Instead of outlining each of these, I’ll link to them below, hit the highlights, and then explain why this is of importance to pagans and preppers, especially Pagan Preppers.

South Carolina Policy Center

Let’s look at this one.

Permanent loss of gun rights for low-level crimes (multiple bills)

Three bills would prohibit someone from owning a firearm if he/she is convicted of a crime that carries a prison sentence of one year (S.1039) or more than one year (H.3053 & H.4087).

To demonstrate how extreme this proposal is, here are just a few examples of violations that would permanently strip citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights:

  • Contempt of the General Assembly (includes “willfully” giving “materially incomplete” testimony to lawmakers under oath, or failing to comply with a legislative subpoena)
  • Filing a “groundless complaint” with the Ethics Commission against public officials, including lawmakers
  • Slander and libel
  • Trespassing on state park property
  • Unlawful body piercing
  • Recording a movie in a theater on a cell phone (second offense)
  • Use of altered or counterfeit tickets or reuse of tickets
  • Defrauding a drug or alcohol screening test
  • Construction of a fence which impedes the free range of deer
  • Impersonating a lawyer
  • State lottery fraud

Lets look at one of these

Construction of a fence which impedes the free range of deer. Once more and with feeling.

Construction of a fence which impedes the free range of deer.

For folks not from here, there are @750,000 deer in this state. There are more deer than we know what to do with. Okay. I’ll let the deer population alone. Say you have 50 or 60 acres. And, you are growing… Hell, I don’t know… Tri-Color Pansies. And, you fence off your Tri-Color Pansies. Just so happens some smart guy from Columbia notices your fence cuts across a deer trail. Guess what You may have just lost your rights to own a firearm.

And, WHAT THE FRESH HELL IS UNLAWFUL BODY PIERCING????? Look, I’m a bit older now, and like a lot of middle aged, overweight, potential male underwear models, I think that some of this piercing is a bit extreme. BUT, IS IT HURTING ANY ONE??????

H.4699: Requiring an identification chip in all South Carolina manufactured guns

H.4699 would require that every firearm manufactured in the state (including handguns, shotguns and rifles) be equipped with an electronic chip that identifies its owner. These are commonly known as “smart guns”.

There are a multitude of issues with this proposal – even beyond the obvious privacy and anti-Second Amendment implications. First, it isn’t clear if this law would apply only to guns manufactured going forward, or if every gun manufactured in South Carolina, past and present, must be retrofitted with this device. The financial burden on manufacturers (and thus consumers) would be substantial either way.

Second, “smart gun” technology is sorely untested, and vulnerable to hacking. If this technology were to malfunction in a self-defense situation, the consequences could be life-threatening.

Plus, if the bill’s goal is to curb gun violence – presumably with stolen weapons – it fails to consider the unknown quantity of guns circulating in the state that were manufactured elsewhere, nor does it prevent citizens from outsourcing more of them to South Carolina.

Palmetto State Armory is the main manufacture of firearms in this state. It employees about 310 people. Unlike Bosch, which is slated to lay off over 400 people in my country, PSA is home grown. No fancy office in Germany. No outlets around the world. Just the factory in Columbia and a few stores around the state. I am not going to paint a rose colored picture of PSA. It has its own management issues. But, that is neither here not there, and they employ about 250 to 300 people.

ABC News 4 In Charleston writes:

Citing a “transforming automotive industry,” and “a difficult economic situation,” Bosch executives are looking to restructure production at facilities worldwide to “better align with global demand” be more competitive.

How many jobs will be lost due to the General Assembly passing this and it somehow makes it past the the Governor?

Red flag laws” – Seizure of weapons without due process (multiple bills)

Known as “red flag” legislation, a pair of bills (H.3275 & H.4991) would authorize police to seize a person’s firearms and ammunition at the discretion of local judge. If a solicitor, assistant solicitor, or two police officers file a complaint in probate court alleging that someone is a risk to himself/herself or others, the judge could issue a warrant to confiscate the firearms and search the owner’s property.

What if…………………..

Charleston, where I live is much more open minded than most of the rest of the state. This is the south. In other parts of the country, we have heard and seen the stories of red flag laws being abused already. It has happened.

Now, join me and don your M1A3 Cosmic Ray-scattering, Thought Control-defeating Tin Foil Hat.

How many readers here have been made to feel uncomfortable when it leaks out you are a prepper? Now add in that you are one of them Devil Worshipers (Pagans). Anyone? Bueller? Is this thing on?

Gay? Now what if you are a Gay Pagan Prepper? See where I am going with this?

USSR Light

I have a friend that grew up in the Soviet Union. Lived there until his 30s and emigrated here when the USSR became no more. Kristof would tell me that if some one slighted you, or just pissed you off, a little note to the building KGB informer and a half liter of vodka would make your problem, not so much go away, but become very entertaining.

Now, move that to the south. You cut off some person of authority. ( And there are a LOT of them here!) He or she says: “Well that Gay Devil-worshiping Survivalist SOB cut me off. I don’t like the way they live, and I know they have a lot of guns there. What ever can I do about them?”

Do not think that I am far from wrong on this. May not happen that way in Charleston or Columbia or Myrtle. But, say you bought 50 acres in Soggy Bottom SC. (No, there is not a town named that.) Population 578. Home of the biggest bag of swamp gas AND the largest church in 6 counties. We be “God-feerin” and we mean it! You funny folks just head back to Charleston.

These will absolutely be abused by people targeting minorities. You can bet your food supply on that.

This one effects all preppers. Well, maybe not all. I have some dear friends in Madrid, NM that are preppers, but will not own a firearm. But, just about all.

Banning “assault weapons,” increasing penalties for firearm violations

The most sweeping anti-Second Amendment bill filed by lawmakers would ban outright the possession of “assault weapons,” defined so loosely that each of the following would be illegal:

  • Semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine holding at least 21 rounds
  • Semi-automatic shotguns with a folding stock or magazine holding more than 6 rounds
  • A firearm modified to operate as one of the guns described above
  • Any part or collection of parts from which one of the previously described guns could be assembled

Preppers are not radical militia members like you see on TV. Even most Militias are not radical. But, there are those that will find it easier to take what they need rather than work for it. Look, dirtbag, degenerate, lazy thieves will not give a rats butt WHAT laws are passed. They COUNT on these laws being passed so that they will not be KILLED taking what is yours, your family’s, and your friends. The people you made an oath to.  Your kindred, grove, or coven.

Not to mention, what is worse than a radical militia? A radical politician that thinks that what you worked you butt off for needs to be shared. Mostly with him. But, still shared.

One mad Heathen prepper here

When we moved here, I knew there were a couple of gun laws that irked me. And the having to pay tax on your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, etc. But, I could live with that. Mostly. Then, I read this load of tripe from Columbia.

I have NEVER had a ticket in my life. I served my country in peace time and war, and I am respected in my field. Have 1 child that, at 22, is the manager of the blood bank of Alaska. The other is working his ass off overcoming some health issues AND working, AND trying to go to collage.

And, almost every gods damned one of these bills will make me a felon. My wife and I like it here. And I am getting to old to have to move again.

We should be writing tips and things to help people get prepared. But, this just pissed me off. As I said earlier, a politician with and agenda is more dangerous than any virus. Back to your regular scheduled prepping talk tomorrow.






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