Prepping 101: TV Prepping.

Prepping 101: TV Show and Movie Prepping.


Wait What? TV Prepping? Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout Willis?

Yes I said it TV Prepping. No not including your TV into your preps. Well maybe a little.

Freya and I have talked about using different medium for prepping. The Internet. Book. But what about TV and movies? Well there are some kernels of knowledge to be taken from the Boob Tube. I’ll list some of my favorites and not so favorites and the why. No particular order other than the way the came out of the keyboard

Doomsday Preppers Nat geo.

Lets start with the one that everyone is going to mention. Doomsday Preppers was a love hate relationship. I loved the premise for the show. But Holy gods of Asgard there were some that had no business having anything sharper than a Twinkie much less a firearm. Also the company that “graded” the Preppers, Practical Preppers, did very well for them selves during and even after the show.

Freya I and a few others used to have Doomsday Preppers watch parties via Facebook and Skype. “ When so and so says Government Interference you need to do a shot!
The biggest complaint I had was after the first few episodes it became just another scripted reality show. BUT there were a LOT of good ideas that where shared. They discussed herbal medicine. While not as accurately or in depth . The episode with “Dr. Dave” making a rolling herbal pharmacy. It brought to light that with out the main grid,  medicines will not be at the local Walmart and the need to know how to make your own or know someone who does know how.

Doomsday Preppers had its issues. The guy that prepped out of his semi truck, Well he lived in the same town as we did and, umm, well he is an interesting person. NOT the sort I want in MY group.

Jericho. CBS/ Netflix

Jericho was one of those one in a million shows. Like Firefly. Had a HUGE fan base and following, but bad management by the network. Basic synopsis, A small town in Kansas is literally left in the dark after seeing a mushroom cloud over near-by Denver, Colorado. The townspeople struggle to find answers about the blast and solutions on how to survive. OH MY GODS. Rogue government. Terrorists. Fallout. Nuclear war. Good vs evil. Kitchen medicine. The “Holy Grail of Disaster” EMP. The need for strong calm leadership. So many little tips scattered like Ostara eggs in the show. And like most good ones badly ended Way to early. Watch it some good stuff in it. Of course some side stories to fill it. Flashbacks to good times yada yada.

Revolution CBS/ Prime Video

Another blunder by CBS in an early cancellation. Fifteen years after an unknown event has caused all electricity to stop working, plunging the world into another dark age, people have adjusted to life without planes, high-tech communication, and electricity.

COOL More SHTF with out power. And it shows that use you can survive and yet thrive with out power. And it shows what CAN happen when people decide on what sort of law they want. And this shows the ravages of allowing firearms to be banned. Plus herbal medicine is show in a good light in this show. 

Live Free or Die. Nat Geo.

One if not my favorite prepper shows. Yes it is a reality TV show. But come on. A petite blond young lady showing how to carve the damaged meat out of road kill? Where in all of TV land have you seen that? I think Colbert takes WAY to long in getting to know the wood needed to build his house, but you get the gist of how to do it with out power tools. Thorn shows off some backwoods living successes and mistakes. How to make a biomass water filter.   One of the best shows that kept out the majority of BS drama. Yeah scripting is there. Non preppers would turn it off after 15 minutes of Colbert showing how to salt deer meat. To bad it is STILL in limbo with Nat Geo.

Mountain Men History Channel.

Mountain Men is a guilty pleasure of mine. Pretty low on the prepping content. Except for one family. Tom and Nancy Orr. Bringing brain and smoke tanning of deer hides to prime time TV is AWESOME.


Freya reminded me of the Walking Dead.  Via Freya,

“Leadership issues, community vs loner, community clashes…. Hershel was a veterinarian and his skills were invaluable.
He treated the flu with elderberries when they lived at the prison. But, I think it’s a great example of the issues with personal disagreements and human relationships and competition between rival personalities in a stressful, SHTF situation.” I think its because you get to carry a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat and name it Lucille! 

Survivor man 

I forgot all about Les Stroud The Survivor man. I do like him a lot. He is MUCH MUCH better than  Bear Grylls. Les goes out, with much less of a safety net and does actual survival training for TV. He doesn’t have the flash of  Bear. But he also drinks his pee a lot less also!

Movies. Dozens and Dozens.

Here are just a couple.

Red Dawn.

Not only filmed in my home stomping grounds of Las Vegas New Mexico. It gives some good survival tips and tricks. Urinating in the radiator of you car to refill it. Yes it will take a LOT of urine. But it is a valid tip and has been used successfully. Now the smell of your car will never be the same. How isolation changes people. Seasonal changes and how you need to be ready. Storing a radio in the freezer, Scavenging What NOT to take from a sporting good store.


A good movie on the what if. A variant of Ebola makes it to the US and is spread by sloppy handing of specimens. Shows exactly how NOT to take on the US Army to get out of town. Shows the importance of having a basic knowledge of how viruses are transmitted. Oh reminds me of a book that you may need for this. Prepping for a Pandemic.

The Postman 

Kevin Costner. Via IMBD  A nameless drifter dons a postman’s uniform and bag of mail as he begins a quest to inspire hope to the survivors living in post-apocalyptic America. Bullsh…stuff. Some good tips on living together, how a good coherent groups is always better than a loner. And how good beats evil Even if good id lying to himself. yeah its a crappy KC movie. But better than Water World!

Zombie movies by the dozens. Y’all know them. They all have the same advice. Don’t touch. Don’t get bitten. Shoot em in the head. Plant a garden.

There are a lot of movies and TV shows. Who remembers the Twilight Zone one on the guy who built a shelter. His friends and neighbors made fun of him. The Soviet Union appears to send missiles to the the US. His “friends and neighbors, DEMAND he shelter them. Chaos erupts. And it turns out to be a false alarm. We see how people are on Black Friday over that got to have coffee maker? How will the be when a nuke goes off 150 mikes in the air over St. Louis. And that new coffee maker won’t work.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot. There is a prepper show you like. If you don’t share it the world blows up. What do you do. WHAT. DO. YOU. DO?

Well you share it in the comments!

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