Iran Fired Upon Base Housing US Troops. Is It Time to Panic?

Iran Fired Upon Base Housing US Troops. Is It Time to Panic?

UPDATE: Iran fired on two airbases, not just one.

So, we are going to war with Iran. Or are we?

And, if we do go to war, what should preppers be doing right now?

Iran Has Fired Missles at US Airbases

Hey folks, Bjarni here. Instead of the stand on a soap box and beat my chest and shout to the world that we ARE GOING TO WAR WITH IRAN AND WE’RE GOING TO BOMB THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE!!! BS, I’m going to take a slightly different tact.

First, yes, Iran has attacked US installations in Iraq. Iran attacks 2 US airbases No doubt about it. Its on all the news outlets. After I’m done with this I’m going out to the god poles and offer some ale and vodka to them for our warriors’ safety in harms way.

Next, there is absolutely nothing constructive to be gained out of going on Facebook, or any of the social media sites, and crowing like a rooster over something we have no control over. Our service members in harms way know what to and how to do it.

Does This Mean War on US Soil?

A direct attack by Iran is a highly unlikely.  They would be hard pressed to get ANYTHING with in range. I have faith in our military to do what is needed to protect us.

Now, that being said. What I am worried about.

Sleeper cells. Not a gods dammed thing we can do about them.

Or is there?

How To Survive a Terror Attack

There are no guarantees in life. There isn’t even a guarantee of life! However, the best thing you can do to survive a terror attack is to improve your situational awareness. Be observant, and be able to understand what you observe in context. Put the pieces together of what you see around you.

Here are a few more suggestions:

Keep your heads up and out of your phones while you’re in public.

I can not count how many people I see walking out of my work buried in their damn phones and damn near get run over.

Pay attention to your surroundings and make mental note of the locations of the nearest exits.

This is another thing that people do not do. They have ZERO clue on ANYTHING around them.

Have no less than half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.

After 30 years my wife has finally come around to my way of thinking on this, not seeing how far she can go when the distance to empty sign says -27 miles! Seriously, a half tank in most modern vehicles is at least 100 miles. That is 100 miles away from bad things. OR hours of crawling in a traffic jam to make it home.

Make sure your phone is charged when going out.

Teens are the worst on this. My 19 year old and once in a while my 22 year old head out with 8% on their battery. They tell me, I’ll charge it in the car. Even with no signal, a phone has usefulness. Flashlight, Compass, camera, ( You do need to gather Intel while moving. ) If worse comes to worse, that battery will start a lot of camp fires.

HAM Radio or FRS/GMRS/CB Radio.

You do have a HAM radio and all the local repeaters programmed in to them, right? Last hurricane here, Dorian, was kind of a flop as hurricanes go. But, it did manage to knock out cell towers. Cell service was spotty. Not because of the towers down. NO POWER to them. Graywolf Survival has a great article on HAM radio for SHTF communications.

Most repeaters have secondary power sources. When the 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage in 2018, cell service was spotty. But we HAM operators were able to communicate, pass in vital information to the local authorities, make phone to radio calls for scared airmen on base to make sure families were safe.

If you haven’t done it- GET YOUR HAM LICENSE!! Sure, SHTF happens you wont need no stinking license. Until then, it would be good to learn how to use the radio to its fullest extent before that knowledge becomes critical. The Baofeng UV82 is an awesome radio. Don’t forget the programing cable.  The best software to program these is CHIRP

Carry. Your. Side. Arm. PERIOD.

Carry concealed. Carry extra magazines. Use your own judgment on carrying without a CCW. We here at Pagan Preparedness do not condone breaking the law and will never advise someone to do so.

Trauma Kit

You can buy a pre-packed “Blow Out Kit” here. This is a good kit. It will cover the basics for dealing with most trauma. It is NOT a first aid kit. This is designed for when something is real bad. Not a cut finger.

Have a flashlight on you.

Have a spare in your vehicle. In case of an attack in an enclosed building, lights going out causes confusion, makes you lose track of the people with you and can make a bad situation 10x worse. A simple, reliable flashlight can help alleviate these issues. I have a Streamlight Poly Pro Tactical. It is light and tough and BRIGHT. In the car I have a handful of less expensive lights. These flashlights are what I keep in each car.

Always carry a sturdy, lockable knife.

This is money well spent. Stay away from those cheap, useless, “cool-looking” blades. Spend some money and get quality. This Kershaw is my everyday carry knife. I ALWAYS have it on me.

Trust your instincts.

If something isn’t right, then it isn’t right. Your body sensing danger of some type. Listen to the senses the gods and ancestors have given you (i.e. gut instinct) telling you that something nearby wants to hurt you and your family, and go be somewhere else.

Carry an Emergency Bag

Some people call these Every Day Carry (EDC) bags. Other people call them Get Home bags. These are bags with supplies to help you get home, or other safe location, during an emergency.

I carry most of my stuff in a decent back pack. I have a Real Tree small pack with a built in camel pack. Inside my bag, I have packed:

  • My meds
  • My IFAK
  • Extra batteries for my light
  • Box of .45 ACP defensive rounds
  • 2 MRE’s
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • 4 wax and dryer lint fire starters in a zip lock (Her those scented wax things make a lot of waste wax. Take that wax and some dryer lint and put it into a cardboard egg container)
  • 2 lighters
  • Various herbs in metal tins
  • Small bottle of colloidal silver
  • Sterno can
  • Sterno stove  and a canteen cup.
  • Sawyer water filter set
  • Space blankets
  • Handful of Ziploc bags, quart and gallon
  • Lensatic Compass, and maps of the area. This is mine. It is about 40 years old but works perfect, But this one will work well  for those on a lighter budget.
  • For folks that prefer the flat clear style compass The Silva Ranger Compass is hard to beat. Yes its pricey. But worth it. For a less expensive compass that is also good quality, the Silva Starter Compass. Both are waterproof shock and drop resistant and the needles do not bounce or jitter. 

My pack weighs about 12 pounds. When I worked on the base at JBER Alaska, at the base hospital. We had that 7.0 quake. The young airmen would poke fun at the old army guy with his pack. That is, until I started pulling out space blankets, radios, and snacks. Most ladies have a purse heavier than that. When I go places that I have to have it searched, well, I don’t go there. But, except for the Sterno and ammo, it is TSA legal once the water is drained from the camel back.

There Is No Need to Panic

Even if there were a cause for panic, it’s never a smart idea to panic. We can’t do much about war.

What we can do is be prepared if things get ugly here from terror attacks. Don’t panic. Put your game face on. Practice your war cry. And, make sure you have things ready for your family. Don’t spread rumors. Don’t accept rumors. Trust in your ancestors, gods, goddesses and mostly trust yourself. Do Not Make Yourself a target. Follow Steps 1 and 2


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