Prepping 101: Internet Research

Prepping 101 Internet Research

Yesterday’s post, Prepping 101: Gathering Intel, covered the importance of doing your research and crafting a plan as the first step in getting prepared. If you skip this step, I promise you, you will end up wasting time, money, and effort. (Ask me how I know.)

Online Research

One of the best resources for new preppers is the internet. Here’s why.

It’s free.

One of the reasons you are researching how to prep is to prevent wasting money on overpriced and/or unnecessary supplies. Most reputable preparedness websites will offer a lot of free content. Can’t afford internet? There’s free wifi and/or computer access at libraries, community colleges, coffee shops, and restaurants. You can also download apps to your phone that locate free WiFi hotspots.

It’s fast.

There are lots of amazing books and courses that cater to preppers. But, you still need to either go to a book store, order it online and wait on delivery, or wait for and possibly travel for any in-person courses.

In contrast, the internet provides information available immediately. Well, almost immediately. You do need to use the correct search terms, and sometimes, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t know what you do not know, after all. But, answers to preparedness questions are easily found online.

It’s varied.

There are literally thousands of prepping and prepping-related websites.  Some have a distinct militaristic style, while others have an earth-crunchy, hippie-esque, homesteading vibe to them. There is every other possible time in between.

As mentioned in the previous article, prepping is like having a hundred wicked cool hobbies. There are websites that cater to each of these. These hobbies,

Top 20 Favorite Prepping Websites

The whole point of starting the Pagan Preparedness website was due to a lack of preparedness sites written for fellow pagans, heathens, druids, wiccans, and so on. Over the years, I’ve seen a fair number of pagan and pagan-friendly prepping and homesteading sites just fizzle out over time. While this isn’t uncommon in the blogging world, it’s still frustrating.

Some of the sites in this list are owned by pagan and pagan-friendly authors. Some of them simply provide great prepping content with minimal Christian baggage.

Here are our top 20 favorite prepping websites.

  1. Pagan Preparedness– You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves off this list, did you? If it’s related to prepping, you’ll find it here. If it’s not, we’ll get it for you.
  2. Graywolf Survival– No nonsense emergency preparedness blog from a counterintelligence agent.
  3. The Organic Prepper– Practical prepping blog covering a wide range of topics from frugality to health to opinion pieces.
  4. The Medic Shack– A blend of alternative and ditch medicine taught by a former combat medic.
  5. The Survival Podcast– One of the most successful prepping websites around. There is a daily podcast with a loyal, knowledgeable, interactive forum.
  6. Herbal Prepper Academy– Site has a blog with lots of information on herbal medicine for when there is no pharmacy.
  7. SHTF Preparedness– A straight-to-the-point blog covering a wide range of preparedness topics.
  8. Gather Victoria– This site is loaded with herbal information and seasonal recipes from foraged foods. Posts are blended with folklore, with many foraged and made-from scratch recipes that correlate to pagan holidays.
  9. Backwoods Home Magazine– One of the oldest self-reliance resources around. Lots of homesteading and wild game articles.
  10. Mother Earth News– Another decades-strong website offering everything you could want to know about gardening, homesteading, off-grid living, and self-reliance. The site has many contributing authors, and therefore some of them can be a bit preachy. But, overall, a genuinely impressive, free resource.
  11. Backdoor Survival– Solid prepping site with a wide scope of articles covering preparedness, food supply, gear, power and survival medicine.
  12. Bowhunting– Everything related to bowhunting is here. You’ll find articles on both gear and skills.
  13. Doom and Bloom– One of the longest running emergency medicine sites out there. There is both a blog and a weekly podcast.
  14. The Druid’s Garden– Not specifically a “prepping” website, but there are many druid-authored articles on gardening, plants, permaculture, and sustainable, resilient living.
  15. National Home Food Preservation Center– Food storage is one of the biggest prepping activities we do. This site provides science-based information on how to preserve food at home safely.
  16. Ball Canning– The Ball Canning website offers solid, how-to information, plus lots of free canning recipes.
  17. Huginn’s Heathen Hof– A heathen website that periodically has articles relating homesteading and heathenry.
  18. Wiccan Homestead– Homesteading and self-reliance with a wiccan flavor. DIY projects, eco-friendly living, gardening, and fiber arts articles are found here.
  19. Maine Primitive Skills School– Primitive skills are both just wicked cool and immensely practical. While this school does have a campus in Augusta, Maine with amazing in-person courses, the site also has a highly useful blog.
  20. Wild Food Girl– While no one wants to be hungry during a zombie apocalypse, foraging wild foods can help cut that food budget. This site can help you learn how.

Do you have a favorite preparedness or prepping-related website? Let us know in the comment section!

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