Why we made Pagan Preparedness

The post image is from a long gone website. Ready Depot. But it tells an accurate story

So why a Pagan Prepper site?

I and Freya get asked that a lot. There are thousands of prepper sites. And hundreds of Pagan Prepper sites. Why make ANOTHER for Pagans?

Well answer is simple and not so simple. The simple answer is “We can do it better”

The complex answer is….

Well we are trying to approach for a different world view. Not the hard core militant view. And not the fluffy Kumbaya, taking warm showers together until the wee hours of the morning style. Before someone gets all butt hurt, there is not a damn thing wrong with that world view. The sad fact is that there are way to many that will take that as an open invitation to bully, harass belittle and to just poke evil nature asshattery at a different religion.

I have seen it and have had it happen to me on other pages that were on the front good places for information. Only to find that somehow some way it was found out I was not a Christian. Now in all fairness the majority didn’t care. At least not in the forum. But there was a vocal few that tried to make life difficult.

Not to quote the old cliché, I have a LOT of friends that are one flavor of Christian or another. They could care less about my faith and care more about the man I am. And vice versa. I don’t have anything against the Christian faith, but the simple truth is, it’s not people of the Jewish faith quoting off-topic passages of the Torah on our message boards, it’s not atheists telling us to turn away from our “evil ways,” and it’s not Hindus who spam our websites en mass by proselytizing.

On the other hand I have seen a limited few of my faith that provoke and cause attacks. Again it is the minority but the Christian call to proselytize combined with the rampant bigotry that some within SOME of the Christian sects has led to what often feels like a 21st century witch hunt on line. Now add in that a a lot of the people who do prepping, are also Christian makes it even more entertaining. It also rubs me against the grain to go in and just snoop around collect information and leave with out contributing. Sure it is easy to hide your identity on line. Be someone you are not. Sometimes its for the best. I have friends that have had death threats because of their faith. She has also been told that she is “talking out of her place” A women’s place is to be quiet and subservient. Umm yeah right. Someone tell that to my wife, or Freya!

There is a pervasive undercurrent to social media discussions that one has to be “Right with God” in order to be a Prepper. This mode of thought is so prevalent that non-Christian preppers are marginalized. They are, in effect, shunned, intentionally or not. Why?

Non-Christian preppers, are often viewed as New Age Hippies. They are often considered to be Socialists, Leftists, and other dirty anti-social, anti-family stigmas. Some are. Now to turn the other cheek, I’ve seen the same in Christians. Look a persons faith as a rule has no bearing on their social or political stance. For example a lot of people think that the LDS faith is very Conservative. Some are. Some like Senator Tom Udall of NM is right on the knife edge of being Socialist. So planting a label on a person just because of their faith is totally inaccurate.

Freya and I both teach. That is one purpose of this site. It is also designed to help people who are stuck, possibly have a health issue that takes an outside the box thinking to plan and prep for. Things like diverticulitis, Asababy has written some on celiac and gluten sensitivities. Most of the time we here don’t even realize the “box” exists!

Fine. Bring a sack lunch and a sleeping bag.

Back to why we made Pagan Preparedness. A couple years ago of during the height of the election Rep Matt Shea, (R) Washington, released his “Biblical Basis for War,” The document is organized in 14 sections with multiple tiers of bullet points and a smattering of biblical citations. Under one heading, “Rules of War,” it makes a chilling prescription for enemies who flout “biblical law.” It states, “If they do not yield – kill all males.” Kind of unsettling for folks that do not follow the Christian beliefs. Now Representative Shea has said in many public accounts that he does takes credit ans criticism for it. And people are reading to much into it. .

Whether or not HE plans on living that document. There are those that will. That’s fine too. Those are the reason we made Pagan Preparedness. A place where pagans of all types can have a place to learn, teach, share and gather prepping knowledge. Notice we don’t use the term “Safe Space”. A safe space to hide is useless. Its a construct of the early 21st century SJW’s. We have zero use for that. It is a pretty poor prepper that needs to hide in a safe space.

We are not a safe space. We are a place to share knowledge. A place where pagans can learn with out the distraction of “Y’all will BURN IN HELL” bull. We have no use for hate. But we won’t crawl under the covers and pull the blankets over our head. We’re here . And we are here to stay.

Roger that. Now that the why is done, (2 years late) What do we intend to deliver. Well we envision a storehouse of knowledge. A place to learn. A place to teach. And a place to plan.

A lot of different political views permeate Pagans of all flavors and type. From left Liberal to right Conservative. Freya and I have our own belief’s. And it is no one’s business but our own. At times the current political climate, from either side will fuel a post. The attempted of successful quashing pf our rights may be a post. Neither Freya nor I have a tolerance political pandering.

We are working on getting Pagan Preparedness back on it’s feet. We feel the storms of war of one flavor or another are on the horizon. It’s past time to start teaching, recruiting other bloggers and helping get fellow pagans on the preparedness track and be able to stand strong and at the same time live in peace with their neighbors and Jord. Join us in our journey.

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