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Folks who plan on bringing pets with them in a SHTF event often lack shelter planning for their pet.  Many of the options I will discuss in this post are, quite frankly, common sense.  Yet common sense seems to be uncommon amongst many preppers, so I will list them here for reference.  In the case that you have to leave in an emergency and want to take your animal children with you, various types of transportation need to be considered.  Many different kinds of shelter/transport options are available for different kinds of animals, so what I will cover here will only scratch the surface of options.  As always, please do your own research and test certain options out with your animals to figure out what is best for your situation.  It would be better to figure all of this out now rather than at the last minute when SHTF.

First, let me start with the most obvious/basic choice:  Cages.  This is the most common option for many–what you can get is dependent upon the size of your pet, as long as you don’t have a cage that is too big or too small.  A cage keeps the animal in one place and you can easily transport them in and out of your vehicle.  However, cages can take up a fair amount of space, and eventually you will need to let your pet out to feed them or let them pee/poop.  This brings me to my next category:  Harnesses, leashes and jackets.

Many already have their animals on a collar, but if your pet is anything like mine, it may absolutely hate collars; harnesses may be a better option.  Harnesses and harness jackets can feel more natural to the pet, and allow them to be leashed and walk around.  Jackets may also help preserve some of the animal’s body heat.  If you have to go on foot to your SHTF destination, these options could be an advantage.

But, the problem with these options is that some animals don’t do so well with a leash set up (*nods to some of my crazy cat friends*).  Some other options would be the soft mesh pet carrying bags you see at the airport or…backpacks like these!  Because why wouldn’t you have your pet look like an astronaut?!

There are also several ideas of how to have pets stationed in a vehicle, and I found these ideas:


But of course, you will need to assess how much space to allocate for your animals vs your personal belongings if you are on the move when SHTF.

Things to consider with your pet health:  Hypothermia prevention.  Just like we need to carefully monitor our body temperature, our furry friends need to do the same.  First, prevent exposure to the cold environment, possibly with options listed above.  There are also socks or “booties” you can put on the paws of your pet to make sure they are protected from frostbite.  Another option would be to make sure that there are heating pads placed around the area where the pet is, but make sure there are blanket layers between the pet and the heating pad to prevent burns.  As always, make sure that your pet has plenty of liquids to maintain body temperature.

When considering basic shelter ideas besides your vehicle, can your animal also fit inside the tent you own? Also be aware that if you decide to get your pet a pet tent of their own, that more than likely the tent would not hold up to extreme weather conditions.  (If you have never heard of a pet tent, look it up on google images, and then squeal as to how cute it all is).

It is important to make sure that you consider what is best for your animals, and to do so before an emergency situation arises.  Although this post may have brought up some obvious options, I hope there were some ideas that started to get people thinking of various transport ideas, especially if you have to travel on foot.  Have any other ideas on pet transport and shelter?  Comment below!

Sources for the pictures above:

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