I will get you killed in a gunfight starter pack. By Finn

I was asked to come here and talk about weapons. My first thought was “No way, I earned all my knowledge on my own (along with a lot of scars) and I hate trying to teach people”. Unless I’m teaching them the best way to go away from me. I’ll never get tired of telling you to go away.

So I figured I would talk about the most important weapon at your disposal, which would be your brain. This followed quickly thereafter by your body. Far too many people in the prepper movement that focus on things like the latest technological piece for their AR or AK. Things like improved sights and scopes, things that aid us in being better shooters are great and I’m all for them, but if you’re going to get out of breath running to your safe to get your gun.


So what do we do about it? Most American’s (myself included) really suck at things like controlling their diet. Especially portion control. This is difficult when, in the immortal words of Dom Mazetti when you’re faced with eating in places where they serve delicious poison to the peasants.

As I go through this blog I’ll talk various facets of defense including making yourself an Apex Predator. Or at least hopefully moving you up the chain a couple of spots.

Now, being the terrific “teacher”  I am, let me say that the things I will tell you as regards physical fitness are things I myself do and that I am a part time physical trainer.




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