Prepping for Pets

Morning! I’m, Bjarni, one of the bottle washers here.

One of the blogs I would like to write, or better yet con, er , um SEE if someone wants to write , is on Pet Prepping. I’ve talked to a lot of preppers and seen their vast stocks of food and durable goods. When asked about what about their animals some give me the, “Oh Hell I forgot Look”
So what do folks think about a part on pets and what do folks do to prep for their pets?


2 Responses to “Prepping for Pets

  • I wouldn’t mind writing something on pet prepping! Besides extra food, I have found some other resources that could at least give good ideas. 🙂

  • Hoolligan505
    6 years ago

    We had to bring in the animals early this last week when a couger was patrolling near by. It’s been cold enough to watch the spring pipes to the animals and open the flow only every afternoon and shut it off and drain before nightfall. Family, a good fire and mead to warm up. Oh, And fat rations for all.

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