We are almost ready to get going!

In a few weeks a new prepper/survival webpage/blog will debut. Yeah the net is FULL of them. This one IS different. Why is it different? It caters to people like US. People who have no need nor even care about the latest Bible prophecy or miracle biblical cure. Who do not need the Christian right shoved at them from every direction. And for those that are tired of being told they can not be a prepper. Because they are not Christian. A prepping blog that is written by and for people like YOU. 2 well known pagan preppers survivalists and talk show hosts have decided to write about what we know best.
Prepping, Medicine, Training, Group forming and much more.

Pagan Preparedness is coming soon.

2 Responses to “We are almost ready to get going!

  • Seastar
    6 years ago

    I like it, no wait i love it! I’m so sick of hearing that I’m going to hell in all my Nibiru groups.

    • Sorry its taking so long to get it going. We want it as perfect as we can make it

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